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3 weeks ago

Had ice cream here when we were at Waiheke. Every-time we drove past it was super busy so we decided to try it out. I got a scoop of the almond chocolate and a scoop of lime coconut. I really liked the almond chocolate because it was made of almond milk but wasn't a fan of the lime coconut so gave it to my friend. Overall was good but not amazing so don't see the whole buzz about the line? Would like to try some of their other flavours though.

1 month ago

Love this place honestly, best gelato on waiheke island. Service is very good, the seating is really cute and the gelato tastes amazing. Definitely come here if your on waiheke you won’t regret it!

3 months ago

Completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people lining up, the area isn’t large enough to view the flavors properly which is a bit of a hindrance. My sister got a double scoop of vanilla and brownies and cream. The vanilla was just a classic vanilla with vanilla beans spots speckled over and tasted very ‘clean’. However not too special. The brownies and cream were an interesting surprise, I thought it would be a typical chocolate flavor but the chocolate was not overpowering and it wasn’t extremely sweet. Tastes like a chocolate milkshake. The brownie pieces were squishy and surprising tasty with an odd (but good) bouncy texture. Wasn’t too sweet either and went well with the icecream. Loved that it didn’t taste like soggy cake pieces. Scoop sizes were just the average size and cost is typical, what you’d expect of those ‘indie’ ‘trendy’ ice-cream dessert places. Paid $8.50 for a double scoop on cone. 7.5/10 Personally if it were up to me I’d get more interesting flavors such as the plum or raspberry jelly infused.

Island Gelato Company, Oneroa
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124 Ocean View Road, Waiheke, Auckland
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Island Gelato Company, Oneroa