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1 month ago

When in Waiheke Island, this is the gelato shop you really cannot miss. Their gelatos are delicious and worth the splurge if you have a sweet tooth.

1 month ago

This cutesy little place was jammed packed every single day the summer I visited Waiheke. I tried to get in the long queue, had Marshmallow Rocky Road and Waiheke Honeycomb and I was really satieted. They were not too sweet, just right for my taste buds. I always scream for ICE CREAM!

6 months ago

Why can't all coffee places be more like this :-) Bach like corner spot with outdoor picnic table style seating, serving both awesome coffee and gelato...  The coffee is only rivaled by Double Shot further up the road, but the gelato is unrivalled. I was recommended the "dulce and buttermilk" by our friendly scooper (which I tried - very creamy :-) but was told the burnt orange was superb. There are so many interesting flavours here, it is hard not to return multiple times to try them all out, and most times we visited there were queues....

Island Gelato Company, Oneroa
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124 Ocean View Road, Waiheke Island, Auckland
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Island Gelato Company, Oneroa