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4 months ago

I like the variety on their menu, the store is cute, well lit with good wifi. The drinks are yummy but on the sweeter side (hence 4 stars), and I don't think there's the option to choose sugar levels. Second time back and would recommend the DIRTY RABBIT MILK BOBO and AVOCADO MATCHA. Definitely coming back again to try all the other drinks!

4 months ago

Watermelon with the coconut foam is quite nice, strawberry dirty milk tea before was nice, but The one that I order yesterday isn’t as good as before, a little bit disappointed < Mocha avocado slush also just soso, even can’t remember how it taste like now~ Original milk tea also nice, pearl is soft but still chewy which is just right~ Last time I also tried their other strawberry drink, but don’t have enough strawberry flavor which is sad:( Really want to try their ice cream with gold leaf!!!! Look so cool~ Maybe next time~

5 months ago

Cool cafe in the upper Queen Street!

Souffler Tea 芙蕾的茶, Auckland CBD
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464 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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Souffler Tea 芙蕾的茶, Auckland CBD