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Popped in early Saturday morning for a coffee and a bagel. The place is welcoming with covered seating outside and some seating inside. The place is well organised and it being early morning I didn't have to wait long. The coffee was good, pretty hot. The bagel was amazing. Definitely need to come back and try other combos!

I’m not a fan of bagels at all and will only eat them once in a blue moon. Can I just say that the best bagel I’ve ever had was from Beigel Bake in Brick Lane in East London. Everyone bought either the salmon & cream cheese or just cream cheese or the hot salt beef which honest to god was melt in your mouth to die for. They were cheap, plain, simple, freshly made, no need for toasting as it had the perfect blend of soft in the middle & slightly crispy & chewy on the outside. They were usually still warm having just come out of the oven. Beigel Bake is a London institution! Reminisce over, having come to Best Ugly I got the plain jam bagel.. it was toasted a bit too much which made it a bit hard. Overall I thought it was pretty average. Bro had the Nutella & banana. Nothing special. Might be a different story if we had chosen one of the gourmet type. Service was quick and they do the group shouty repeat all together drill after each order.

Came here with friend on a weekday afternoon and totally loved it! I ordered bagel with salmon and cream cheese ($10) and my friend ordered bagel with chicken. Bagel was fresh and soft (unlike some cafes have rock hard bagel😂) and there was a thick layer of cream cheese! Definitely coming back next time!

After trying these bagels at the pop-up store at Wellington airport, I’m a regular at the Wellesley St store. Best Ugly Bagels are the BEST! My favourite is Chickaboom - a funky, mayoey, onioney, crunchy number. A MUST-try!

Great fast service. Delicious too and of reasonable price. The only down side is that it was very crowded at lunch time and we had to go sit in the covered area a few metres away opposite Odette's instead.

Classic King Salmon and cream cheese with red onion and capers 🐟 And also the Tuna Melt with mayo, jalapeños and lemon zest 🍋 So good 👌🏼

Best bagels I have ever tasted ever. Open kitchen to see the process of making bagels is very nice to see. Very warm environment. Must come and have a try.

The best bagels in town I reckon! So yummmmm! The ingredients are fresh! Love the drinks as well! Definitely going back and try other bagels!!!!

Goodness. Great range of choice. Clean, fast, and bloody tasty! Highly recommended for any time of the day. Their ever changing specials are a great idea for people wanting something different

Visited Best Ugly Bagels on a Sunday morning. It was really busy but the wait wasnt long. Its was a shame there were not many tables to dine-in at. Also had to pay for parking. We had the White Rabbit (cream cheese, tomato & basil) and the breakfast bagels. We thoroughly enjoyed the bagels and their exceptional service. We also had 2x flat whites to-go. Amazing coffees! Although might need an extra shot next time! The milk flavour was strong. Will definitely be back for their amazing bagels!

We got a chickaboom, bananarama and white rabbit. Chickaboom was nice but didn't particularly like the other two. Great service and I liked the atmosphere though. I was very looking forward to try as this place is highly rated but maybe not so much to me. I'm keen to try other ones but I will probably just cook my own.

I had a bag of take-away bagels. It is relatively close to Montreal style bagels, not New York style, I guess. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't especially good. I think I have to try their fresh bagels like others do instead of buying packed cold bagels.

As a bearded gentleman, I usually avoid open faced bagels like the plague. However Ugly Bagels is the glimmering light in a storm of subpar bagel worship. I would happily brave a messy beard every single day for that dreamy mushroom bagel bae. A bourgeois bagel experience to lessen the plight of the proletariat. Also, for you gentleman callers - The mushroom bagel is a little known superb replacement for beard oil.Bless you Ugly Bagel, never change.

If you love bagels, this is the place to go. They are a little pricey but totally worth it. All ingredients are fresh and complimented each other well. I had the pb+j, salmon cream cheese and the avocado tomato bagel. Not all at once! All of them were great. The bagels are freshly made and you can tell. Super filling though!

Great lunch spot to nip in and out of, though personally think it is a little overrated, and I'm a big bagel fan. I have this weird conspiracy theory that the packets of bagels the sell aren't actually as nice as the ones the serve... maybe its just my poor toasting skills. But there's lots of great bagel spots popping up now, I'm not sure if they'll step up their game or focus on just offering multiple stores, I see they're opening in Newmarket, and see their bagels in other shops...

I love everything about Best Ugly Bagels! The coffee, bagels and the ambiance! :) The staff were friendly and approachable too. Keep it up you guys! I will be back for sure :)

Best bagels in Auckland! This is now my weekend go to for breakfast 🙂 even better that I can get it delivered to my door. Had one order where they forgot the 4pk I'd ordered, they called me as soon as they realised (before the food even arrived to me) and asked me to put through a second order for the pack and they'd refund the cost of it and chuck in something free for me. So, great service and great food 🙂

These guys deserve a full 5! The bagels are perfectly backed-- crispy outside & have nice texture. Also they put decent amount of toppings which is very satisfying!

Beautiful bagels! I was hungry for more after eating my salmon and cream cheese bagel 😍 The staff were amazing as well, pretty amazing experience seeing how they work in the kitchen. The only downside for me was that there was not enough seats and tables especially if you wanted to have a private conversation with someone. Otherwise food was great and i would love to come back here 😊

I'm not a bagel fan, however these bagels here are really something. They're perfectly portioned, flavoursome, simple, and most importantly absolutely delectable. They have a simple, efficient and personalised ordering system. There is limited seating though

Made my debut here today and tried the mean Joe green... absolutely loved it! It was really cool when you order and they staff all shout it back, great touch. Guy on the counter was great too. Will need to try the Wellington shop when I get home for a comparison!..

If you have a hankering for bagels then this is s great place to satiate your cravings. The bagels are thin, crispy and covered in sesame which gives it a great nutty flavour. The bagels are light and not doughy which means that you can enjoy the topics in all their glory. The salmon and cream cheese is pretty basic but I appreciated the generous helping of salmon. I liked the chicken mayo bagel very much as it had a hint of curry. The jam bagel was average. For that price I was expecting maybe a raspberry compote instead of a run of the mill jam. On my next trip I think I'll try just a plain buttered bagel with a big mug of coffee.... yum!

Great service, great bagels what more can you want I dont go anywhere else for bagels as this is simply the best Some options can be a bit pricey but you sure wont be disappointed Their coco one is to die for I feel like the salmon one you can whip up at home for cheaper Also loved their mascapone and chocolate one! Will def come back

Love the atmosphere of this place. The bagels are warm and crunchy. It may seem like a small serving for what it's worth, but surprisingly very filling with all the toppings. Would go again

Had these amazing bagels once then got addicted! The gluten free are so tasty and soft! I've never had a gluten free bagel that hasn't cut the roof of mouth so I was extremely happy that these ones didn't. They also have the option to buy a bag to take away....this is what I plan on getting next!

Best bagels I've had in my life!!!! Must try the king salmon and the bacon/avocado bagels! And they are freshly made in the outlet! Coffee was good too.

Delicious bagels, well toasted and fresh good quality topping. Decent coffee and friendly staff. Great breakfast place while I was in Auckland.

Best Bagels in the town without any doubt & BEST bagels I've ever had. We tried 'The Beche' (Ham, Bechamel & Cheese ) and 'King Salmon' (Salmon, Cream cheese, Onions & Capers) and I liked the salmon one more. Bagels were so fresh &  delicious. We'll definitely visit again.

Bagels are like one of my favourite ❤ Best Ugly Bagels have one of the best bagel I have eaten :) We orderes bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese and also one with tomato. Its soooooo good. I wanna go back again for the bagel

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