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2 years ago

Fave burger ever. Even the small hamburgini it’s enough for me to enjoy the best meat ever. Always come back for more.

2 years ago

Better than any other burgers around. Good quality beef patties at best value. Just like the kids meal and have been eating for years. American muscles here is also my partner's favorite burger in town. Much better than the better burger.

3 years ago

BurgerFuel Mt Eden has been keeping it real for me since 2011. The staff, food and overall vibe have been consistent time and time again for me (the most stability a person could ever ask for, thank you). I have never walked away from BurgerFuel Mt Eden questioning a purchase or wondering if I’ll ever come back and that’s because they know what they’re doing (and I know that they know what they’re doing). I can’t rave about just one burger because I love them all and have a new favourite burger every time I go. What I can rave about is that their burgers are always perfectly cooked, the chicken is always juicy and tender and the beef is always on point. THEIR SMASH BITES ARE THE THING I LIVE FOR AND WHENEVER THEY APPEAR ON THE MENU YOU BET IM ORDERING THEM. I love all of the fun and delicious limited time menu options they come up with (their banana shake was life in a cup). Great staff, great food, awesome manager (I have never met him, but he was amazing at helping me out with an order issue). I will be coming here until I no longer have any teeth to chew my food with and even then I’ll find a way to down their burgers. 10/10 BurgerFuel Mt Eden, you’ll always be my top dog.

BurgerFuel, Mount Eden
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128 Valley Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
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BurgerFuel, Mount Eden