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4 months ago

3 star as portions were completely a total joke, meat was jacked up on the carrots underneath.  3 mouth fulls and no meat left.  10 mouth fulls and the whole thing never felt so ripped off b4. Taste was your typical size.  Ordered small takeaway (and box no where even close to full (doesn't have to be - but this was a joke). Would love the Manager to explain this one. Although I didn't expect it to be the same volume as my local roast shop, I didn't also expect it to be 1/4 of the volume.  They charge $13 for small and $15 for medium. Service: 4/5 Environment: 5/5 Food Quality: 4/5 Food Quantity: 1/5 Presentation: 3/5

4 months ago

Have been here twice already. Shop looks beautiful food taste ok. The roasts taste ok. The sandwich cheeses are very nice however. Hence the reason of going back the next day to grab another toastie. Very addictive. They are $10 each tho so quite pricy if on a budget. Service: 4/5 Environment: 4/5 Food Quality: 4/5 Food Quantity: 3/5 Presentation: 3/5 Price per person: $10-$30

The Carvery, Newmarket
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Westfield Newmarket - The Eatery, Level 3, 277 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland
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The Carvery, Newmarket