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10 months ago

Dined with my family recently. Food was great, no complaints. Very busy and tables tightly packed. Seats were really dirty (you had to sit on crates with covers), both were grubby. I was also not impressed with the fact the mayonnaise was served in small, single use, plastic containers. Terrible for the environment and unnecessary. Would love to go back if they stop using unnecessary plastic and give the chairs a clean.

11 months ago

I love the squid we ordered and the mochi with red bean. It’s also my first try of Sapporo and glad to know there’s a non-alcoholic variant for a breastfeeding mom like me 😁 Not toddler friendly though as there’s no enough space (maybe that’s why there’s no high chair for bub?). I suggest making a reservation esp for peak hours, we waited about 15mins before we got seated. Overall it’s a good experience giving an izakaya feel

1 year ago
Japanese Sashimi Bar Ajimi, Onehunga
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Unit 2, 252-258 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland
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Japanese Sashimi Bar Ajimi, Onehunga