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3 years ago

Best kebab I have had in Auckland.  Had the mixed Chicken and Lamb, nice balanced amount of vegetable, sauce and meat filling. Will go back to grab some more when I'm in the area.

4 years ago

| Taro and charcoal soft serve | - A rare find, soft serve at a kebab store in Howick. The soft serve was very creamy though I didn't taste any taro nor charcoal (7/10). I did appreciate the waffle cone being crunchy. .

4 years ago

Guys, your kebabs are really tasty and meat is not dry. Close reminder of food served in Turkey, good food experience. Your sauces and chips are amazing, and I love the way you mini julienne cut the carrots in salad. Chips perfectly cooked and so crunchy on the outside. Sauces, garlic mayo and hot chilli-I could live on those. One little complain: The ratio of meat is not up there, where it should be. A bit more of the hero of the dish will do. Not enough meat in large kebabs. You are so close of being the best Kebab shop in Auckland, just add more meat.

Kebabiya, Howick
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Shop 1, 50 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland
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Kebabiya, Howick