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8 months ago

Not the best of photos but I’ve been coming here since I can remember. Local Fish n Chips for my family & I (apart from Tobys of course). The staff, husband & wife have been consistent all throughout the years. ALWAYS delivering great food & polite service - can honestly say that I’ve never been disappointed. Keep up the good work. 👌🏽

1 year ago

Got me the burger special with extra cheese the other day and it was fcukin DELICIOUS. That feed sorted me out for the whole fcukin day and I'm a massive bastard!!! XD Thanks TRT!

1 year ago

Just your everyday local fnc shop. Pretty decent for cost, quality and quantity. Owners are nice. Pretty quick. Good for after the beach eats.

Tripoli Takeaways, Panmure
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91 Tripoli Road, Tamaki, Auckland 1072
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Tripoli Takeaways, Panmure