30 Years of Pasifika


This collection of photographs has been chosen to represent the essence of the Pasifika Festival, as we celebrate thirty years since it was first launched.

The idea of the festival, ever since it began in 1993, has been to celebrate the rich culture of the Pacific peoples who take pride in their identity as Aotearoa New Zealand’s Pasifika community.

Although there have been several iterations over the years, including fashion shows, theatre performances, a pop opera, and sports competitions, at the heart of the festival has always been its people.

The village concept, which was introduced in 1998, reflected the diversity of Pacific cultures and safeguarded the cultural integrity of the festival.

A fashion component – ‘Style Pasifika’ - was added to the festival in 1994. A huge success both nationally and internationally, its last show was part of the Rugby World Cup, held in Auckland in 2011.

The largest festival of its kind in the world bringing Pasifika communities together, every generation that has been part of the festival over the years reflects the festival’s changing faces.

Showcasing participants and audiences as they engage with the festival, this collection portrays the true spirit of the Pasifika Festival – its people.