Skydive Auckland, Parakai

Skydive Auckland offer the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand, where you can jump from a thrilling 20,000ft (85+ seconds of freefall), 16,000ft 13,000ft or 9,000ft.

Imagine the excitement of freefalling at a speed of 200+ km/hr with a spectacular and unique backdrop of both the east and west coasts of New Zealand, beaches and rainforests. After freefall you will enjoy the serenity of a beautiful parachute ride and see stunning views in every direction.

Skydive Auckland is located in Parakai, an easy 45 minute drive from Auckland City. We are easy to reach, with either our free transport provided from Auckland's Sky Tower or Auckland City Hotels, or if you choose to drive we have free parking.

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Skydive Auckland, Helensville, 73 Green Road, Auckland, New Zealand, Helensville, Auckland
There is plenty of parking onsite.
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Skydive Auckland, Parakai