Redwood Park Golf Club Inc., Swanson

Established in 1970 Redwood Park Golf Club is known to be a very friendly club and offers a good affordable day out on the greens.

It is conveniently located close to all major transport links, 7 minutes from the North Western Motorway, has plenty of free parking available for those wishing to drive. It is also located within a short walking distance of the Swanson Railway Station, on the North west rail line.

The course and clubhouse are open 7 days a week, golf carts are available for much of the year but bookings are essential.

Par: 69, 5316m 5235m 5122m

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Redwood Park Golf Club Inc., Waitakere, 13 Knox Road, Auckland, New Zealand, Swanson, Waitakere, Auckland
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Redwood Park Golf Club Inc., Swanson