Jewellery Workshop Experience, Titirangi

Experience jewellery-making among the trees of Titirangi. Copper brass bronze jade gold and silver are available for you to make into things using hammers, symbols, gas torch, saws files and polishing gear.

Projects: a sterling silver ring that you make from scratch, decorated or distorted by you using symbol and sign tools and texturing hammers. Make your own wedding rings as a special day of collaboration, care and love.

Maybe melt some metal and pour it into a sand mold: you get to make the mold too so you produce a unique ring or a pendant.

You'll learn to do some fun with hand tools, and after a bit of work I bet you'll make something fabulous!

Brian Adam jewellery tuition, low-tech, hand-tech, lateral, all ages.

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518 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Waitakere, Auckland
Street parking is free
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Jewellery Workshop Experience, Titirangi