Blue Adventures Kite Camp

Our team at Blue Adventures believes in customer satisfaction, and our teaching technique has proven to be extremely successful. Our kite-surfing lessons are run in small groups. This way, your IKO certified kite surfing instructor can tailor the kite-surfing lessons to your individual learning needs. Step-by-step instructions and our up to date Naish kite-surfing equipment will ensure you progress easily and safely while learning this addictive sport!

2 nights at Tepee incl. breakfast, 10 hours of IKO certified kite-surfing lessons, IKO learning material and IKO Member card, the use of the latest Naish kite-surfing equipment, SUP and wakeboarding lessons as no wind alternative and Moonlight SUP tour

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331 Omaha Flats Rd, Omaha, Matakana, 0985
+64 22 630 5705
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Blue Adventures Kite Camp