Auckland is fortunate to enjoy one of the most diverse and unique music scenes in the world – so much so, in fact, that we’re officially a ‘City of Music’, joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2017.  

The Creative Cities Network was launched by the cultural arm of the United Nations, UNESCO, in 2004, and now has 180 members from 72 countries around the world covering seven creative fields.

Auckland has a coterie of artists and musicians who contribute to the diversity of the city and our communities. 

As a city, Auckland values its music sector – the music-makers, the heroes, as well as the specialists – working across a wide range of genre and roles.

Our commitment to music is outlined in the Auckland Music Strategy Te Rautaki Puoro o Tāmaki Makaurau 2018 — 2021, which shows how Auckland will develop as a City of Music. 

Auckland is one of the most diverse cities in the world: its 1.5 million residents span more than 220 ethnic groups, and four in 10 Aucklanders are born overseas. 

We’re also home to a large Pacific population and 60 percent of Māori live in Auckland and surrounding regions. With music and language intrinsically linked in Māori and Pacific culture, these communities add a richness and unique sound to the city.  

Research reveals seven in 10 Aucklanders have attended a music event in the last three years, making the most of a plethora of concerts and festivals held in our city.

The designation as a UNESCO Creative City and our Auckland Music Strategy represents the starting point of a long-term journey to move the city along a more sustainable development path through culture and creativity.

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