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1. Explore the sea

Sea kayak or paddle out to New Zealand’s youngest volcano, Rangitoto Island. Get your heart rate up with jet boating or sail on an America’s Cup racing yacht and admire the city landscape at full speed.

2. Dive into the blue

Discover Auckland's stunning underwater playground. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a total snorkeling beginner, there’s something for every adventurer.

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3. Jump off the Sky Tower

Get your heart pumping with SkyJump – New Zealand’s highest base jump – or the incredible SkyWalk, where you’ll walk around the exterior of the Sky Tower with nothing between you and the ground but a rope and a 1.2m - wide platform – this is extreme sightseeing at its best.

4. Leap off the Harbour Bridge

Climb up, under and over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The perfect way to finish – take the plunge off the Auckland Harbour Bridge with AJ Hackett Bungy, New Zealand's only ocean-touch bungy.

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5. Get up close to the wildlife

Ever wondered how it feels to come face-to-face with predators? Then try swimming with sharks at Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium. If you’re not brave enough, go for an intimate on-the-ice encounter with the cute penguins.

6. Cycle around the city

Combine exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery with cycling and mountain biking around Auckland. Check out the best viewpoints in the city or, for something more adventurous, try some of the many mountain bike trails throughout the region.

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7. Go skiing indoors

Head to Snowplanet, Auckland’s only all-year indoor snow resort and test your ski or snowboard skills. There’s also tobogganing and tubing – great if you’ve got kids in tow – and a cosy restaurant and bar to refuel at afterwards.

8. Have an off-road driving adventure

Get behind the wheel for an off-road driving adventure through forests and beaches – you’ll find great scenery and get your heart rate up at the same time.

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9. Rides and rollerscoasters

With more than 20 rides and attractions, there's something for all ages at Rainbow’s End theme park. If you’re a thrill seeker the Stratosfear and Fear Fall are just the ticket; if you’re after family-friendly rides you can’t go past the Log Flume and the Pirate Ship.

10. Ride a Harley

There’s no cooler way to see the sights than from the back of a Harley Davidson. Head along the city waterfront or ride out to the wild west coast with Bularangi Harley Tours.