Stay High Island Camping Co.

In a day and age where reconnecting with yourself and disconnecting from what doesn’t serve you is becoming more and more important, experiencing the incredible beaches, walks, campgrounds, peace, and tranquillity that Great Barrier Island has to share provides the real great reset.

With the increasing demand of both rental cars and accommodation and the increasing cost of the latter, we are hoping to bridge the gap in providing fellow adventurers with an easy, affordable, unique, and convenient way to explore The Barrier.

Stay high in our roof top tent, or stay grounded in our Kathmandu tents with all inclusive camping gear while cruising the island in style.

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2 Mabey Road , Okiwi, Great Barrier Island, Great Barrier Island, Auckland
Our depot is located a 2 minute walk from Claris Airport. Simply exit the airport to the main road, turn left, and walk about 100m.
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Stay High Island Camping Co.