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3 years ago

Monthly Japanese bread Month is awesome but their chicken katsu sandwich and their pie and brownie is the best. Service was friendly and nice.

4 years ago

Bought almond croissant, mince & cheese pie and melon pan today. Looks very appealing. The almond croissant has lots of layers and little bit of almond paste, it is lacking the buttery taste otherwise it will be perfect. Mince & cheese pie is tomato based rather than classical gravy. Melon pan has crispy coating not too sweet not outstanding. If you are craving for melon pan you should try. Will try their Japanese bread day for further review =)

4 years ago

Bought nearly $40 of stuff here today. All because of the Japanese bread day event. Yakisoba bread roll Croquette bread roll Cream bun Melon bun etc. The taste was okay. Maybe I’m not used to carb on carbs. Come try if you’re interested to know what Japanese people have as their snack/lunch. Seems authentic from all the anime I watch :p

Baker's Diary, Avondale
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Baker's Diary, Avondale