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3 years ago

I think the set up is flawed. .walk in and a little voice behind huge pie cabinet says just loudly say what I want and hope the mysterious voice gets my request. .go counter and find out..voice didn't get what I wanted right lol. I'm a pie expert and to me there steak and cheese isn't that good..steak and oyster is ok, but I got one little bit of oyster..4.50 a pie I expect better. Service ok..I'll make my way through the pie cabinet before I say that there apparent award winning pies are good. .when I find one there worthy of such a title..I'll mention it. Will go back because they have alot of pie flavours to try .

Dairy Flat Bakery, Coatesville
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1443 Dairy Flat Highway, Dairy Flat, Auckland
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Dairy Flat Bakery, Coatesville