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4 years ago

This place use to be my goto bakery WHEN it was actually owned by DANNY! Danny is a lovely Vietnamese man who also has a few bakeries around Auckland. This Pahurehure bakery has definitely gone down hill! The food is average price, put is poor quality. The pies taste very bland. Not bad for Papakura area, but definitely not the same!

5 years ago

Great food, great prices and excellent service. One of my regular stop off's. But, don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself. Call into Pahurehure and grab some fabulous food.

7 years ago

Ok I admit it, I eat a lot of pies. I have tried pies from north to south of this great land and I know what's good and what's not so good. The pies here are something special.  None of that jellymeat, mystery gravy with a few wisps of meat here, these pies are chock full of quality meat. Try the butter chicken pie, it's so creamy and there's big hunks of chicken tender inside. The mince and cheese isn't the usual gravy with a few morsels of gristle and snout floating in it, it's packed with mince and yummy melty cheese.    The staff are not dead-eyed pie shilling zombies, they say hello and ask about your day, they remember how you like your coffee (which they make very well).  If you're lucky enough to come in the morning and get a savory muffin while they're still warm, you're in for a treat. Definitely a keeper, this place.

Danny's Kiwi Bakery, Pahurehure
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2/10 Rushgreen Avenue, Pahurehure, Auckland 2113
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Danny's Kiwi Bakery, Pahurehure