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2 months ago

Love their breads

2 months ago

They are only open Tuesday to Thursday from 1100-1300. The small time frame makes it a bit hard to get things from there. A friend managed to go by around 1100 and brought back lots of goodies. We tried the sandos as well as a few of the other items. We had the egg, pork and chicken sandos. All three were nice but I liked the egg of the lot. I thought that the pork one would have been better if the crumb was crispier. I would have liked a bit more seasoning on the chicken so it tasted more chickeny but the teriyaki sauce was nice. The bread was really soft and fluffy. The cheese seaweed sourdough bun was really tasty. I loved the chewy texture with the seaweed. The melon pan was creamy and custardy but didn't taste like melon (wasn't sure if it was supposed to). The chocolate bun was just chocolatey and delicious. It is a really interesting bakery with really nice food and interesting flavours. Definitely worth a try if you are able to get in when they're open.

3 months ago

So delicious. Bread light as air and complex layers of deliciousness in each sandwich. Lived the rice balls too.

Mizu Bread, Eden Terrace
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193 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
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Mizu Bread, Eden Terrace