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2 months ago

I've been to Vaniye many times and we always try to order a cake for Christmas. Vaniye's cakes and desserts are very mousse based, with light and airy sponge or cream. The layers of flavours are amazing and it's not too sweet. I personally prefer this type of cake/dessert than dense, iced cake. They regularly add new flavours so there's always something new to try.  The fullsize cakes are not that big though and is quite flat (you can see cross sections on their website). And because it's quite light you can easily eat a lot. So considering the price it's not that cheap, but totally worth it!

3 months ago
3 months ago

I am a big fan of mille feuille but there is not so many place selling mille feuille. I am glad I have found this place and the food here not only tasty but also looks like a masterpiece. I ordered a mille feuille and a hot chocolate. I was worried both are sweet but after the hot chocolate was served, it was strong and matched the sweet so well. Highly recommend.

Vaniyé Patisserie, Parnell
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1/7 Windsor Street, Parnell, Auckland
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Vaniyé Patisserie, Parnell