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2 years ago

Amazing place for breakfast, lunch or even just a drink with a snack. Always great service and presentation. Always my go to on High St. Happy hour after 3 is always a good deal!

3 years ago

Popped in here the other day for a quick little snack. It was a rainy day it wasn't busy at all so was really nice to spend some warm, cosy time in this place. Ordered the salmon bagel and fries ? Along with an iced mocha which was really nice! The fries were huge so I couldn't finish it but would definitely come again to try their lunch men sometime.

3 years ago

Came here on a monday for lunch. When we arrived the staffs didn't really pay attention to us until I asked if upstairs was available and the waiter turned back to his computer after replying. We ordered the pancakes, kumara chips, breakfast bruschetta, and a super berry drink. The pancakes that I got were so much bigger than the waiter described it was when I asked - for $16 the portion is really big. The fluffiness of them were pretty soft and big but they were a bit way too sweet (don't add too much maple syrup when they give it to you). Surprisingly, they gave me a lot of blueberries as well and the sourness of them helped balance the sweetness of the pankcakes a little bit. The bruschetta's smoked salmon had that actual smoky and saltiness in it. The balsamic vinegar around the plate made a huge difference to the original flavors of the bread and eggs as it added that touch of sweet and sour taste to it. The good thing about these dishes is that everything is served hot and the kumara chips were served straight out of the fryer. However, for the super berry drink, using a paper straw isn't the best idea as the paper would melt in your mouth. The taste of the drink is refreshing, but there was a whole chunk of ice at the bottom of the smoothie and it made the drink hard to sip. Taste - 7/10 Size - 8/10 Service - 7/10 Price - 8/10

High Five Cafe & Bar, Auckland CBD
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56-58 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
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High Five Cafe & Bar, Auckland CBD