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7 months ago

Just arrived home after spending the afternoon here with my friend. Both not feeling well but wanted to get out for fresh air and grab something quick to eat. Because typical ‘Auckland Weather’ likes to turn, after only a few minutes drive, Porch was the most inviting of them all. Personally speaking for both, we thought the hanging spirits bottles behind the bar were very cool and brought a rustic look to the place - the outdoor plants, lights and different dining plates too. Though this would no doubtedly be a hit in the summer, it’s a very cosy and relaxed place to be even on days like today. Spicy Pork Taco - 12/10 😍 Sticky Fried Chicken - 9/10 Service - 7/10 Can’t wait to visit again and try more on the menu. Maybe have a few cheeky beers too 😋

1 year ago

Great location, with really good food on offer as well! Had a late breakfast which was an eggs Benedict nesting in the sun over looking St Helliers bay = Happy man :)

1 year ago

Came into Porch Bar & eatery for a lunch with the family and we all enjoyed it. I ordered the chicken lettuce larb cups as nothing else on the menu sounded good but I loved how fresh and light they and that they didn't leave you stuffed. The only thing was that they are quite spicy so definitely have something to drink close by. My Mum ordered the cauliflower steak which she thought was quite tasty, my Dad got the pulled pork tacos which were supposed to be really spicy but they actually weren't but they were really good, a little small so possibly order something else as they are like finger food. My brother got the fettuccine carbonara of the kids menu, which they actually don't show but they were happy to offer it to him. I tasted it and it was really good. Awesome view and service as-well, definitely recommend if you're around the St. Heliers area!!

Porch Bar & Eatery, Saint Heliers
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1 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers, Auckland
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Porch Bar & Eatery, Saint Heliers