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11 months ago

I came to Prego for lunch with my brother and my boyfriend. The man who was at the front of the house was extremely considerate and a lovely person in general. He suggested we sit at the booth because the table he also suggested had a breeze of wind every time the door opened. Between the three of us, we got the garlic pizza bread to share, my brother got the fettuccine alfredo, my boyfriend got the spaghetti bolognese and I got the duck risotto.  Firstly, the garlic pizza bread was great! They give you aioli but you don't even need to dip the bread in it because the garlic pizza bread itself was garlicky enough to be enjoyed by itself. It was hot and crunchy when it arrived at our table and definitely a great starter dish to get! When my duck and mushroom risotto arrived, I couldn't control myself. It is one of the best risotto dishes I have had. Prego was extremely generous with their portion of shredded duck, which mixed so well with the creamy and truffle tasting risotto. Since the rice was extremely hot, the cheese on top melted quickly, adding more creaminess to the dish. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly and I have read reviews where people have said the dish was extremely salty but I think the seasoning was perfect! The only downside is that you get full quickly from the richness of the risotto. I highly recommend getting this because it is addicting and it will make you return to Prego to crave this dish. I tried a bit of my boyfriend's spaghetti bolognese and it could have been more al dente in my opinion but still delicious. I will definitely be back to try the pizzas and tiramisu, which I heard is fantastic as well!

11 months ago
1 year ago

Damn came here for dinner with a couple mates and had an average experience. When we walked up to Prego the staff just looked over us and didn't even attend us they went straight to the people behind us and seated them a whole family and there was literally 3 of us!!! Then we carried on standing outside for a further 7-9 ish mins and they ignored us then told us to wait at the bar until they find a table for us even though there were free tables inside and outside. They ended up seating us outside cramped in a corner which was just lovely of them. I ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese and my mates both got the Spaghetti Aglio E OI IO. I loved my Bolognese it was so tasty and yum love love love, my friends hated there meals as they were way too spicy and had chunks of garlic all through it. During our meals we needed more water and we had to ask about 4 times for the lady to fill our glasses up and she was very snarky about it. Overall my food was good but service was horrible absolutely horrendous. x

Prego, Ponsonby
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Prego, Ponsonby