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1 week ago
3 weeks ago

Such a cool place! Super busy, great vibes! The food was delicious, the pizza had a garlic paste on it which was so yum and the chunkies were crispy and the aioli delicious. The tasting paddle was also great - the funded feijoa was my favourite!

3 weeks ago

While I love coming here for a beer (the other drinks are also pretty good) the food is very disappointing and seems to be getting worse each visit and more expensive. A group of us were here for a birthday and the only good value option was the ribs special. My pizza was $27, small and meant to have pancetta but instead had bacon. My friends sausage dish was $36 small and badly present with little else on the plate. The burger had 5 small potato bites come on the side. The place needs to have a suitable menu for the setting and needs to get its act together before summer as it puts me off going there knowing I will need to eat elsewhere.2 food. 4 drinks

Hallertau, Riverhead
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1171 Coatesville Riverhead Highway, Riverhead, Auckland
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Hallertau, Riverhead