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1 month ago

I had the caramelised onion and cheese scone which was tasty but thin and a bit stodgy.  The coffee was good and strong.  The staff was friendly.

5 months ago

Not bad! First off, the menu here is a lot larger than what you see on Zomato. They have some 'express/special' items that include smaller portions of regular menu items.  We came here for brunch and it was fairly busy, but we were quickly seated and given menus + water. Altar Cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating - indoors was nicely spacious and well decorated. We were asked for our drink order first (almost a little too quickly) and later for our food order.  Pineapple juice was decent, but their blueberry white tea didn't really taste like actual blueberry but rather chemically.  We ordered a small portion of the Creamy Mushrooms, and a Smoked Salmon w/ Mashed Potatoes (as pictured).  The Creamy Mushrooms were a little disappointing - Turkish pide isn't necessarily the best bread to go with it, and there are pretty much no sauce which should be the best bit of the dish! The mushrooms themselves did taste really good though, so more sauce would be really nice. But at $11, it was a pretty good deal.  The Smoked Salmon was nice with a generous serving of mashed potatoes - the lemon was a nice addition to everything. Mashed potatoes were great as it was still a little chunky!  Overall a pleasant dining experience. We may be back to try some other stuff on the menu (waffles sound so good) in the near future :)

5 months ago

Went for lunch today . Ordered Pork Belly with scallops, roast potatoes and bok choi. Every thing was cooked well, but the portions were very small for a mains. Thin slice of meat, potatoes diced into tiny cubes, and scallops numbered a grand 2 in quantity. For nearly $30 for this meal, I felt it was a ripoff. This cafe is not known for generous portions, and over all the experience was disappointing.

Altar Cafe, Mount Eden
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Altar Cafe, Mount Eden