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3 days ago

The menu isn’t your typical breakfast/brunch menu. They have interesting flavour combinations. I ordered the mustard mushrooms. I love mushrooms and I like mustard but I was worried the mustard would overpower the dish but I was wrong! It surprisingly yummy. Lots of mushrooms too. I came with four friends & none of us enjoyed the coffee very much. It had a strange sour taste and the coffee was a tad weak. It was a real shame because we loved the food. Would’ve given it 4 stars if the coffee was good.

2 weeks ago

The food is great although can be quite expensive for what you get, it does also get very very busy if coming in large groups. The waitress who served us was quite ignorant.

3 months ago

First time having lunch here on a weekend - It was great to see the sun shining and people chatting compared to the cold quiet atmosphere when I used to have a quick breakfast before work (which has a merit of its own, their muesli is delicious as well). Lunch was great, I ordered their french toast + bacon and it was just the right amount of sweetness with thick bread along with poached fejoa and icecream. Portion wise it was perfect for me, but my friends thought the portion was smaller than other places. My friends ordered the flatbread with chorizo, and the eggs on sourdough dish + mushroom + halloumi fries (yummy) Service is great, might take a bit longer to grab someone's attention as it is busy but once attended to all is prompt. There was no highchair so take note to take your own baby seat if required :)

Bestie, Auckland CBD
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11 Poynton Terrace, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
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Bestie, Auckland CBD