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3 weeks ago

First time having lunch here on a weekend - It was great to see the sun shining and people chatting compared to the cold quiet atmosphere when I used to have a quick breakfast before work (which has a merit of its own, their muesli is delicious as well). Lunch was great, I ordered their french toast + bacon and it was just the right amount of sweetness with thick bread along with poached fejoa and icecream. Portion wise it was perfect for me, but my friends thought the portion was smaller than other places. My friends ordered the flatbread with chorizo, and the eggs on sourdough dish + mushroom + halloumi fries (yummy) Service is great, might take a bit longer to grab someone's attention as it is busy but once attended to all is prompt. There was no highchair so take note to take your own baby seat if required :)

3 weeks ago

I rarely go to cafes if you had noticed it, the flavours I got from these places does not match with the flavour profile that I want and grew up with but sometimes there are places that are exceptions like this place we have now. Bestie Cafe located in K’Roads St Kevin’s Arcade is one of those, this hip and vintage like cafe may not look inviting to most but they do serve some great food. The place looks old, the menu will freak out the inner OCD in you but who cares if the food is great especially when you are seated on that big window that looks over Myers Park.

1 month ago

No. 20 of 56 cafes on Urban Lists “Top Breakfast Cafes” list. This was absolutely delicious. I chose the salmon fish cake. It delivered on taste & presentation. My pet peeve with cafes is when they say their eggs are poached, when they are either hard boiled, or even soft boiled where the yolk does not run. Bestie cafe knows how to poach eggs that’s for sure! I absolutely loved the different textures in this dish. From the crunch of the crispy kale, to the creaminess of that purée. The fishcake was crumbed beautifully & was cooked perfectly. Their coffee was good too. They use eighthirty beans. Even though there were very busy when I arrived, I reckon they still served the food at a decent time & I wasn’t waiting forever. So thank you, Bestie Cafe. 2 cafes down, 54 to go.

Bestie, Auckland CBD
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11 Poynton Terrace, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
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Bestie, Auckland CBD