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1 week ago

Coffee & A Sandwich from @blackandgoldeatery . ☕️? Cappuccino, Americano with a Bacon & Egg Ciabatta Sandwich. ? Although popular, for a long time I hesitated to tell people about @blackandgoldeatery . In the early hours of the morning before heading off to a lunch & dinner service I would drag myself in to the corner of the store, sit down and know that the best coffee this side of the bridge was going to make everything ok. The cabinet was always going to have something to satisfy, but never bore & I was never going to feel like I was stuck in overcrowded social experiment involving people who over use the word ‘Brunch’. Today I went back for a long overdue re union. Things may have changed since those days but the experience was all the same & for that, thanks @blackandgoldeatery ??

1 month ago

Second time coming here and I really appreciate the variety and uniqueness of meal options available on their menu.  We ordered the blackboard special Garlic Grilled Chicken Tacos, Nippon Pancakes, and a cappuccino. The portion size of the tacos were enormous which was definitely a good thing considering how amazing they tasted and I was elated with every bite. The grilled chicken was some of the most succulent and flavourful I’ve ever had in my life. The crisp vegetables/salad, tzatziki, and deep fried shallots served their own distinct purpose within the dish and offered a variety of textures. Would highly recommend this dish and hopefully it can earn a spot on their seasonal menu so it’ll stay for a while. The Nippon Pancakes was a really refreshing dish to see on the menu as typical cafe pancakes seem to all follow the same pattern. The dorayaki pancakes were really fluffy and tasted great on its own but even better dipped in the berry icing and orange jelly. Overall a very sweet but delicate meal that was presented beautifully. Coffee and service were also great but my only gripe was that the place seemed quite loud?… Not sure if it was just the design of the place or the blasting pop music but it just seemed so much louder than other cafes that it was a bit difficult to hold a conversation without raising our voices.

1 month ago

Great Asian fusion cafe with a range of creative brunch dishes as well as a pretty cabinet! I got the eggs Benedict with salmon and I was so impressed by both the presentation and the taste! Loved everything about it! My friend's falafel toastie also looked great.

Black & Gold - Coffee and Eatery, Rosedale
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Black & Gold - Coffee and Eatery, Rosedale