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1 week ago

Their service is good. But noisy as this cafe is famous in rosedale. I heard that thier cold brew is good but taste is inconsistent. Foods are average.

4 weeks ago

I have driven past this cafe every single week ever since it first opened. Service: 8/10 The workers were super patient as we pondered about all the delicious options. They also brought us everything we needed before we even asked them. There were just enough workers so that no one was just standing around, but no one too busy. They also have all asian chefs which was quite a nice surprise as that isn’t typically seen. The food did take over 20 minutes and it was past 2 o’clock so there were barely any other customers. Food: 10/10 I ordered the matcha soufflé pancakes. It was the perfect combination of bitter and sweetness. The pancakes were super soft and warm. There were a lot of tart citrusy fruits so the dish wasn’t too dry. The mascarpone was smooth and creamy, a nice alternative to butter. There were also super delicious churros that crunchy on the outside and warm on the inside. There was also frozen yogurt to contrast the piping hot churros and warm pancakes. It was just the perfect combination of every texture and flavour. Ambiance: 10/10 The cafe has an asian style with a western twist to it. The furniture and walls have a wooden rustic theme. The colours fading off the chairs makes it seem super casual and relaxed. The metal bars and vents give an abstract simplistic vibe. It is quite open and spacious which means there isn’t a lot of seating. This is the perfect space for teenagers and students to hang out and relax in. This place has become one of my favourite restaurants/cafes in Auckland, I will be back soon.

1 month ago

Name pretty much says it all, it's coffee coffee coffee! We didn't come here for the food so I can't comment on that but their coffee is damn nice. Serving up beans for Society Coffee, the team here will whip up a nice cuppa for you to either eat in or have take away. I did get some nibbles to go with my coffee though, can't really go wrong with a loaf and some pastry. What adds to this is the nice vibe of the shop it self so sitting in there and just chilling is exactly what you should do here. Also lots of space for the kiddies should you decide to bring em, I say why not, gotta start em young.

Black & Gold - Coffee and Eatery, Rosedale
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1/33 Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
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Black & Gold - Coffee and Eatery, Rosedale