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3 years ago

Went for dinner and the service was absolutely amazing from the second we stepped foot in the door. The food was amazing too! Will definitely be returning.

3 years ago

Came in to try my Vietnamese favs, iced coffee and pho. They were both good sized, hearty and filling. I would’ve rated higher if they were a bit more traditional - for example, the iced coffee wasn’t nearly as sweet as I was expecting and the meat in the pho seemed a bit over cooked compared to what I’m used to (rare meat, cooking in the soup). Soup could’ve been a bit fattier/more buttery too. I enjoyed the interesting condiments they served with the pho, but I missed my fav - hoisin sauce. Glad there was Sriracha though, another classic. Service was great, decor really cool looking. I’d like to try more dishes.

4 years ago

I really like this restaurant, been there about 4 times now. The menu turnaround is a bit slow, and happens probably every half a year or so. But I went with 2 people all 4 times and paid around 90-110 each time with 4 dishes (share entree/side 2 main and shared dessert) and a drink each, so I think it's quite reasonable. It worth it to go in for early dining if you want to have a table in a sat night, as the service level goes down a bit when it's busy. But I partially go there for the relaxing atmosphere, and too many people can get a bit too noisy. One down side I've noticed is that the dressing on the side salad is often the same as the dressing on the main menu (I.e soft shell crab and papaya salad), which can be a little repetitive if that was not what you were after.

Bolaven, Mount Eden
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597 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024
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Bolaven, Mount Eden