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4 weeks ago

Authentic, delicious. We spent a couple of weeks in Ethiopia in 2016 and always hunt it out now wherever we go. We came here a year ago and it was was good, but not great, but we went last night and it was amazing. The food was all distinctly different in flavour but equally delicious, we couldn't decide which was the best. They allowed my wife to order Shiro as a full serve this time which made her day. The traditional coffee was delicious. The owners were super accommodating even though they were due to close. Highly recommend trying it out. Come with an open mind if you've never had Ethiopian before, the injera (fermented flatbread) is not something you will quickly forget. We will be back.

4 months ago

I don’t get the hype at all about this place. Like don’t get me wrong I love the idea of trying different cuisine and to expand ones palate. But to be brutally honest the food just tasted rather bland. I liked the novelty of the breads and curries being all served at once. There was plenty of color and eating with your hands was fun but rather messy. I appreciate the opportunity to dine in an more authentic way but I wouldn’t say that my culinary mind was blown.  The doro and tibs were okay but after awhile the curry’s all started to kind of taste the same. I personally wasn’t a big fan of the sour bread, but that’s just me. I did find it kind of rude that I came in on a Friday and was asked if I made a booking I said no and the lady responded rudely to me that I needed to in order to dine in the future. But you know what maybes she’s had a bad day so I won’t hold it against her. Aside from that little incident the lady was quite helpful when we were going through the menu. I appreciate that there are places like Café Abyssinia around that stay true to its roots. I would 100% at least try this place once. Showstopper: An authentic experience.

10 months ago

There are not many Ethiopian food places in Auckland so this was definitely something I wanted to try out! Went for the first item on the menu- a chicken based dish. The quantities were large and had something like a huge dosa (enough for 2 people) with an egg and chicken curry (called Doro Wat i think). Reminded me of dishes I used to have in India and taste was amazing- not too spicy, but just enough kick in it and packed with flavour. The restaurant itself is very simple and located on the first floor with parking behind building. Good food; decently priced. Will go back again!

Cafe Abyssinia, Mount Roskill
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Tujia Centre, 6/190 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
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Cafe Abyssinia, Mount Roskill