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9 months ago

We ordered the boho bowl and the big papa bowl. The boho bowl was super delish with the creamy coconut yog that worked well with the other ingredients🤤 Really nice atmosphere and aesthetic too, the staff could have been a bit friendlier though 😊

9 months ago

Bowls tasted decent. but found most of the ingredients are frozen and was very cold to consume. However, with ZomatoGold it was worth it!

10 months ago

The most loveliest breakfast 💕 The food here exemplifies exactly my kind of ideal palate: fresh healthy food - the kind of food that makes me feel rejuvenated and refreshened 🌱🤩🍓 I got the falafel sandwich, and oml it was so AMAZING. The avocado, pickles, peppers, lettuce and falafel combined in the sandwich was absolutely delicious -makes me want to recreate it for my daily brekkie but lord knows it’ll never live up to the real deal Their cabinet stuff looks super good too with the vegan treats and fresh juices and such. I highly recommend this place!

Cali Press, Parnell
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287 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland
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Cali Press, Parnell