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6 days ago

Their coffee is really good. But the foods are not as good as coffee. So i would like to give 5 stars on coffee but want to give 3 on foods. Brekkie look great however the taste is not special. So i decided to come here for biz meeting with coffee fix not for lunch.

2 weeks ago

A cute little place nestled in Albany off Don McKinnon Drive ☺️ as a treat for my step sister she found this place through an Instagram post she saw and we thought we’d give it a try! We were both pleasantly surprised, a hidden gem if you will 💎 we ordered the French Toast and Eggs Benedict with Bacon, both meals delicious and the surrounding atmosphere and small team of front of house staff made a great experience for this first-timer 💖 also with the eggs benedict can we take a moment to appreciate the zucchini fries that came as a lovely addition to the meal 😍

3 weeks ago

What a fantastic addition in Albany, this is a gem! We arrived on a sunny Saturday afternoon and chose to sit outside in their patio.  The menu offers all the essentials you would ask for in a cafe; yet each have their own twists!  We got the Salmon Omelette, The Kiwi, and Parti-Coloured Chicken Salad to share between 2; plus a Green Smoothie and Strawberry and Banana Smoothie. Food arrived with just enough time for you to be craving for their food, but right before you get hungry!  All of their dishes are elegantly presented with generous portions and good prices! - Salmon Omelette (7/10). Delicately perched on the plate with slices of cooked salmon, I was pretty excited to try this. The omelette itself was a bit on the dry side, and perhaps not as thick as it should be. It was also a bit on the bland side, I would recommend seasoning it yourself. The salmon, however, was cooked wonderfully - moist, soft, and cooked to perfection. Perhaps the mushrooms, tomatoes and other elements could be better integrated into the dish; such as mushrooms mixed with the omelette batter so that the omelette is more exciting in terms of texture and flavours! My friend thought this was really good though!  - The Kiwi (9/10). I saw that this was one of their more popular dishes, so I ordered this without a second thought. It's hearty without being heavy, and gives you a taste of different textures and culinary techniques. Everything sits on some bread to soak and mop up the flavoursome sauces! The pulled lamb melts in the mouth and was an absolute delight to eat! I think the chefs can be a little more courageous with the spices and seasoning of it though; it's great as it is but needs something punchy to lift it up! The croquettes had good flavours and was soft inside with a crispy coating - well done! The rosemary and kumara puree was the perfect condiment to balance everything out, and the poached egg was the perfect cherry on top!  - Parti-Coloured Chicken Salad (10/10). This exceeded my expectations! What a spectacular EXPLOSION of textures, colours and flavours! Each mouthful was like a party in the mouth. The warm chicken pieces were cooked beautifully without being dry and well-seasoned; and the kumara was warm and soft. The topping of fried kumara/potato strips ontop further heightened the texture game in this dish. By contrast, the non-warm ingredients like corn, pomegranate-flavours quinoa puffs, and lettuce made it an unusually satisfying experience - everything just pops! What really attracted me was the carrot puree! That was bang-on the money - full of flavour and intricately pulled everything together! This was my personal favourite!  Smoothies were deliciously refreshing, albeit the Strawberry & Banana one was a bit on the sweet side for my liking. I actually saw another drink in their photos that has a gradient from purple to pink to yellow; but sadly it was a seasonal/limited drink and I missed out!  The good thing about Copper Spot is that their patio is covered with transparent covers so you don't get the unwanted flies and all of that heat; whilst still getting the view looking out onto the lake! There is also a lot of indoor seating available too! Service is extremely friendly and prompt; in most instances your food would arrive altogether, perfect for photos and so no-one has to wait that long! With generous portions at affordable prices, make this your new brunch go-to!  Food: 8.5/10  Price: 9/10  Service: 10/10  Ambience: 10/10

Copper Spot Cafe and Eatery, Albany
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28 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland
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Copper Spot Cafe and Eatery, Albany