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4 months ago

There were three of us. A few empty tables but not tidied up (plates, cutleries of previous dinners were still left on table). The barista (perhaps owner) saw us waiting to be seated. She was serving someone else, in fact asked me to move aside so she could pass and serve that coffee. All good in that, obviously she could see we were waiting for a table. After delivering that coffee, she completely ignored us and went behind the counter and carried on her barista role. Totally no eye contact. So we approached another waitress who was also behind the counter. This lady was nice and came to clear our table and took our orders. This was our first visit. A bad start but the food were nice especially my grilled chicken and chorizo salad. It was quite a big portion. This could be nicer if the chorizo was mild or medium but it was a bit too spicy. Coffee was nice too. We told the lady server we had Zomato Gold When we placed our order but our friend paid the bill and forgotten to present the Zomato Gold benefit. I would have given a 5 rating if we felt welcomed but not. The food was good so will give it a 4. It is not very pleasant to visit a cafe/restaurant and felt not welcomed. Pretty sad that common courtesy is not even there. This is a Zomato Gold restaurant. Join ZG with this promo cod LITTLETD to get your discounted membership.

5 months ago
5 months ago

The cafe is located at one of the entrances to Eastridge Shopping center but can be a little hard to find if the walls are up, just keep an eye out for the tables and umbrellas. Quite a bit of seating outside and few tables inside. A nice little cafe and they have an interesting selection of food, particularly the Albanian scrambled eggs. However, I decided to try the mince on toast. Mince had a nice flavour and the eggs over the whole thing made it more decadent. The hot chocolate there was also quite nice with a good flavour. They also do have cabinet food inside by the counter if the menu items weren't appealing.

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Eastridge Shopping Centre, 1/215 Kepa Road, Mission Bay, Auckland 1071
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The Daily Mission, Mission Bay