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3 weeks ago

@deco_eatery Overall rating: 10/ ➕: Lovely Turkish cafe in Titirangi. Food is beautifully prepared, ingredients are fresh. The bright atmosphere and interior design is 11/10! Also have friendly staff too 💕. 60 minutes free parking outside woo. There’s a Grabone deal on currently (2 meals + 2 coffees for $30) which is an absolute steal! ➖: Nothing really. The chai latte was a bit too strong for me, but that’s my problem not theirs haha. Top notch cafe!

1 month ago

Absolutely love it here! The staff are super warm and welcoming, and know how to make a good coffee. The food is also really tasty with a variety of options. Definitely a place I regularly enjoy.

2 months ago

It has been a while since I visited deco eatery. I found the waiter to be extremely rude and have not felt comfortable to come back since. My experience involved a waiter being very snappy with myself and a few other friends, presumably because we were on the younger side and certainly looked it at the time. We were asked where we would like to sit and just after five seconds of talking amongst ourselves deciding, the waiter snapped and told us that we need to communicate better because he doesn’t know what we want (complete with aggressive hand movements). This made all of us quite uncomfortable, we only ordered coffees them left because of how unwelcome we felt. I understand that this incident was a while ago and attitudes of particular staff may have changed since then. I’m just hoping that this identifies and helps to fix the issue of staff treating younger people with respect and making sure we feel comfortable too.

Deco Eatery, Titirangi
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Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland
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Deco Eatery, Titirangi