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1 year ago

Had brunch at Devon in the wharf today. The presentation of all the dishes was absolutely stellar (as shown by the photos) but I thought both the taste of the dishes and the service can be a bit better. Firstly, all the dishes came out super fast and we barely had to wait. However as we were seated outside, it was really hard to find someone to top up the water and get more napkins etc. As we were quite a large table it was quite frustrating as they didn’t give us a water jug in the first place. Next, the dishes all looked amazing but I thought they were quite bland. The pulled lamb was also only lukewarm when it came out so it got cold really quickly. I had the haloumi dish. I liked the ingredients but they all felt a little bit separate, it felt like I was eating the haloumi, kale and carrots etc separately and nothing was there to “glue” them together. I also tried the fish and chips. The fish was tasty, but again tasted quite bland and the chips were soggy (maybe because of the salad next to them)... overall I had high expectations of the place and also loved how everything looked, but taste didn’t match up to my expectations and I was left disappointed after the meal.

1 year ago

We had breakfast in Saturday morning, the food is average, but the service and dining atmosphere of Devon on the wharf are awesome! Would like to visit again.

Devon on the Wharf, Devonport
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1 Queens Parade, Devonport, Auckland
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Devon on the Wharf, Devonport