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3 years ago

I haven't had coffee this good since... well, it's been a while! I tried: + vanilla latte. WOW! Subtle, not too sweet, but STRONG! Mmmmm.. so good! Their vanilla latte is the best I've had. + mocha. This was a bit sweeter than the vanilla latte, but not too sweet. It was good. Best story coffee!!

5 years ago

Stop by if I ever need a hit of sugar. They have a really nice caramel slice which has a thick caramel over a tasty base topped with chocolate. They also have a light and dark brownie which comes a close second. The cabinet by the counter shows you the items on offer and they also have pies (both int he cabinet and the warmers behind the counter) which are quite tasty and nice. There are a few tables around but they generally fit a couple of people. Usually just take away. Nice food and service.

6 years ago

Baristas trained by the guys who make Story coffee, so their coffee is the best around that area.  Great selection of food, my fav is the creamy chicken ciabatta, theres usually 5 min parking available any time so easy to pick up my morning coffee on the way to work

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