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1 year ago

I haven’t tried the hot chocolates here yet but have come for tea/coffee catch up. Their chai latte is huge. It’s really comfy and cosy inside, just the feel you want when having a nice hot drink and sweet treat.

1 year ago

The best hot chocolatiers..I had the candle floss dark chocolate and my husband had the aztec one, both were amazing.. my fav place for hot chocolates in the town👍👍👍

2 years ago

Sweet tooth and chocolate lovers this is the place is one to tick off your list. Hot chocolates are there thing and there is something for everyone on the menu. Koenig going to be honest, they aren’t exactly cheap (setting you back $7+) but the quality of chocolate definitely shines through in there beverages. We struggled to decide what hot chocolate we wanted but the staff were helpful and gave us there recommendations. We went with the Persian fairy floss hot chocolate and the Salted caramel hot chocolate. As we took our seat, the small space outback was rustic and cozy but we couldn’t help but notice the chill and lack of heating (we dined in after 8pm). Our drinks arrived and looked great. They fairy floss hot chocolate was an interesting concept! A mug half full of fairy floss and a lab jar full on the milky hot chocolate. You then have to combine the two to make your drink and dissolve the fairy floss. The drink was good! Very rich and smooth - and not to mention sweet! The dark chocolate did help with the sweetness though. The Salted caramel hot chocolate was yuuum!! With shavings of chocolate on top and a lightly salted caramel taste it was well balanced. Again it was very sweet though! You can tell the difference by the quality of chocolate they use that’s for sure. Saying that though, my husband and I would’ve preferred a smaller portion of both beverages as it was a bit too much for us. And therefore the price would become more reasonable. Overall we are glad we tried this sweet spot out and wouldn’t mind giving one of there desserts a try as they looked delicious

Elisabeth's Chef Coffee & Dessert, Kingsland
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467 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
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Elisabeth's Chef Coffee & Dessert, Kingsland