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The BEST. CAFE. EVERRR. This is always the place I go with my family for brunch/lunch and although sometimes we try other places, this is our favourite.

Fact-Tree is my go to place whenever I'm in need of some mood boosters. There eggs benedict is to die for! I've tried a number of eggs benedict and nothing has topped theirs. Their milshakes are pretty good as well.

Came here today at 12.45 pm and was stoked to see empty tables (having read from other reviews that the cafe can get very busy on weekends). However, we didn't expect a 30 minute wait between our coffee and mains. We should have known better when the diners beside us asked for their orders to be checked. To be fair, the young lady who helped check our orders was apologetic after we had told her that the later table had their food served before us. As we were seated near to the counter, my bf was able to observe the staff and guessed that our order was missed out. I accept that things like that do happen from time to time but when your coffee has gone cold and you are starving from a long wait, food quality and service are the only saving grace. While our spaghetti and pancakes were nice, they didn't wow us. And they were most certainly not worth the long wait. Not only was the food service slow, the only common water dispenser was dispensing a slow stream of water. One diner even cursed and said it would take him forever to fill up a cup. I didn't fancy the lemon water myself as it had a very stale, unpleasant taste, akin to that of a dishwashing liquid. After paying, I asked the older male staff (whose name is Gordon I think) if a 30 minute wait is normal. He said that it is normal for weekends but they are fine on weekdays. He further added on that I could see for myself how busy they were. When I told him that our order came after the later table, he brushed it aside and said that they do things step by step. We were expecting at least an apology. With many other conveniently located cafes in north shore that provide faster service and better food, fact-tree needs to step up its game. I reckon takeaway coffee and cabinet food (such as scones, muffins and cakes) would be your best bet if you're not prepared to wait for more than 30 minutes.

Fact-Tree Café is a hidden gem and never disappoints me with their pretty decor and amazing service. The staff are super friendly and we don't have to wait long for delicious, well-plated food ^_^ Definitely recommend this café and making reservations as it gets busy in the weekends~

This small cafe on tonikin road is very busy crowded with local residents. I think it's especially busy as tonikin road is a short cut way for sunnynook residents to travel between home and further north areas such as Albany. Also it's right next to kindergarten and primary school so it seems like a meeting and waiting for kids spot for mothers. I have tried their cabinet foods which are all nice and tried this big breakfast today. I was a little disappointed that it did not have hash brown but it was good overall. Sausage, mushrooms and spinach were the best on this dish. Coffee tastes good too. I love their black coffee. It's not too sour nor bitter. Staff are very kind and serving customers promptly.

Great eggs benedict with house made hash brown cooked to perfection! Got chocolate is great too. Decent pricing with great friendly staff and fast service

Went here with a friend for a beautiful weekday brunch. The location is perfect, in the middle of a residential area, not too much people, and the anbience is pretty chill. It's a good place for catch ups over good food. I had the lemon and kiwifruit smoothie and the prawn and scallop soup. My friend had coffee frappe and the big breakfast. My smoothie was pretty average, a little sweet for my liking but my friend loved her coffee frappe. The prawn and scallop soup was amazing!! Very well seasoned and the seafood was cooked perfectly. Wasnt able to try the big breakfast myself but my friend said it was good too. Will come again next time! I'm keen to try the different shakes and smoothies and also some good stuff from their breakfast menu. :)

food n smoothi always superb. i never tried coffee there but i was amazed at swan n five rosetta? tulip?. this asian guy was making two cup of coffees while i was paying for my table. it was my first time watching someone drawing things like that. i was shocked i yelled out "shit look at that peter" to my boyfriend nxt to me. when the weather cools down im going to try his coffee!!

Met friends for brunch this morning. Been here a lot over the years. Wow didn't disappoint today. My hubby and I had the eggs benedict with salmon and avocado. Delicious!!! My girlfriend had the toasted muesli with fresh fruit and berry compote. Delicious!! And her hubby had bacon eggs and fresh bread. Yum! Their smoothies are fantastic. Really tasteful. We had the tropical and banana with almond. Great!! Service really fast and friendly. Will be going back again soon!!

If we didn't have to wait 45min for our breakfast it would have been a solid 4-4.5 I think being parents timing is everything. We waited 10-15min for our coffee which was delish- the milk steamed perfectly resulting in a creamy hot cup of wake-me-up. We got master 11months a side of scrambled egg which was huge and a side of sausage which was so darn tasty (it was pork and fennel, it had a great texture which leads me to believe they either make it in house or know an awesome butcher) Eggs bennie with bacon spinach on a potato rosti was right up there in flavour- the rosti was made fresh and were crunchy- not gluey at all- the eggs were a tad over cooked but still a tasty plate of food. The slices in the counter looked yum and massive for the price- if it wasn't on the other side of Auckland to where we live we would go back...

Love the food here! Been here a few times now and has been consistently good, the last time I went I waited a hour for my food to come out so probably wouldn't rush back because of this

I love this place! Best eggs benedict in town! Love the ice chocolates. Great service whenever I go there and delightful decor. I would definitely recommend going there if you want a decent breakfast. The food is worth the price.

Went here the other day with my friend for lunch and boy was it good! The cafe itself is a cute little place off the main road so you have to look for it! We walked in and were greeted by a friendly waitress who organized menus and water for us. I ordered an orange juice and my friend their lemon tea! To eat we both got the BLAT. The food was delicious though a little hard to eat due to the size of it! Fresh ingredients though which is always a plus. We had a couple of hick ups but the experience was still very good! I will definitely be back if I am in the neighborhood! To get a 5/5 the service needs to be slightly faster and food delivered to the right table.

This place is great, lots of options to choose from depending on what you feel like on the day. Sometimes when you go to place with lots of options some can't taste as nice but I've been here heaps of time and ordered many items from the menu and it all is nice. Not a small place, so not many options to sit so you'll be lucky to get a seat. Service is fine but you mainly go for the food. Love the iced chocolate. Comes with a cute fun fact on the cup which adds a cute signature touch due to the place obviously being 'fact tree'. Would recommended to anyone who wants a decently priced breakfast meal in a local North Shore area.

This cafe used to be the hype in the high school days, because they served milkshakes in jars. Now im not so sure if this cafe is still overrated for putting a beverage in a different kind of glass. I don't remember the first time coming here but I do remember ordering a lime milkshake. It was so gross and too sweet. I think the only good things I know of are the chocolate milkshakes but that's about it. I remember coming here with friends and I ordered a fruit salad. Presentation was very pretty and I enjoyed sitting down and eating it, what really got me was I ordered a summer iced tea and oh my god. It looked like they mashed up all this fruit and left it in the fridge for a week because when I visualise summer iced tea I do not see dark greenish murky sweetened iced tea with small bits in it. That is what I got. I wouldn't come back here again by my own will, but if a friend wanted to come here to eat I wouldn't mind tagging along ??

Probably one of my favourite cafes in the North Shore, quite hard to find, but such a gem! The smoothies here are amazing and totally worth the money.  For a really small place, the decor is still nice and cozy. The food and service is also great, everything was really tasty and presented nicely. The portion sizes are perfect, and everything is worth every cent!

Having recently moved offices to Rosedale, I've been systematically working my way through the local(ish) lunch options. Fact-Tree almost didn't make the list because it's a little bit out of my way, but it did not disappoint. I had the Fact-Tree breakfast (not exactly a foodie choice but I was feeling a bit nostalgic). The staff were great, pointing out the components with dairy and suggesting alternatives. This dish definitely hit the spot, good quality ingredients makes a huge difference for a big breakfast style dish and Fact-Tree was on point. The supreme coffee was pretty good too. Overall 4/5

Quite a busy place specially given the low-profile location (blended/hidden in the neighborhood). Love their milk shakes, rich and yummy. Food is good while service is a bit average if not below.

YES! SO MUCH YES! In the least expected area; think suburbia! This cafe is definately one of my favourites. The decour is hip, not to even mention the extremely delicious food and drinks! Pesto eggs bene? Yes please.

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