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Firstly let me applaud this establishment for its diversity. I love it when I’m at a café and I see people of different backgrounds/ethnicity work together. Howick Café is probably the best café in Howick, the establishment has a fantastic atmosphere where it lets you feel the bustling and joyous emotions of life while satisfyingly your stomachs cravings.  The menu is pretty standard for a café but they do your classic brunch meals well, I had the big breakfast and the partner opted for the eggs benedict. Our meals came out in roughly 10 minutes on a pretty busy Sunday brunch, was surprised we actually got a seat to be honest considering how busy it seemed! I’ve also had their cabinet cakes before which were also quite delicious. In terms of disappoints there wasn’t really any, except the milkshake was pretty normal, would have expected a bit more of a twist to your classic milkshake but that isn’t even a complaint really. Showstopper: Fantastic food that is tasty and excellently portioned. Overall Grade: A-

Great environment! The spinach and mushroom egg benedict is one of the nicest ones I have ever had. The service is a bit all over the place, but I think that’s just new staff.

Nice outdoor area, impressive food presentation and taste. Professional staffs members and good neighborhood. Indoor area is quite warm and sometime the cashier is a bit slow

Great food at this joint, some of the breakfasts I’ve had at a cafe across New Zealand and Australia. A must do if your dining out for breakfast in or near Howick.

This place is a must to visit, the food, the staff and vibe is just awesome. We shared 3 dishes (Salmon Hashcakes - Calamari & Prawn Tacos) + 2 drinks came to $53

Awesome service, lovely coffee and delicious and well presented food. Always consistent which is also hugely important. Always a pleasure to come here.

I've been here 3 times in two weeks after a friend recommended it. It's a fantastic cafe however I think after a couple of visits the intial awe did wear off. The deco is amazing, the walls, the ceiling, the toys for kids and the amazing cabinet food. It's very well thought out and really pays off. The cafe is a bit cramped but as they are always so busy I can see why they have tried to squeeze in extra seats. Upon my first visit the staff were great, very friendly and slighty overbearing but I overlooked that. On my third visit I was put off by a waiter who was visibily irritated as I wasn't ready to order when she first asked. She then stood around and stared a lot which I just found uncomfortable. Given this was just on staff member and it wouldn't put me off visiting again. On my first visit we just had cabinet food, a roast vege quiche, a mince pie and a passionfruit cheesecake. Everything is presented beautifully. Unfortunately the quiche lacked actual roast vegetables and the meat pie was very dry. The overall taste for both was also average. I did enjoy the cheesecake though. On my second visit I had the pancakes from the brunch menu. I have really picky with pancakes however I enjoyed these a lot, especially because they gave me a jar of maple so I could choose how much I wanted to add. I didn't really like the Chocolate crumbs with the pancakes but they can easily be avoided. My friend had the portobello mushrooms which she says are amazing. We also ordered the Tiramisu cheesecake which I absolutely loved. On my third visit I ordered the vegetarian fluffy omelette. I prefer the additions to my omelette mixed in and then cooked, in this case it was just popped into the middle of the omelette and flipped over. Nonetheless it was still a nice breakfast accompanied with relish and salad. My partner ordered the toasted bagels with bacon and cream cheese. He wasn't the biggest fan but he is hard to please. Overall a fantastic cafe with a great selection of food. I would definitely recommend if you're in the area.

This is such a beautiful modern cafe with a great atmosphere and in such a convenient location! I only came for coffee and cabinet food but would definitely be back for a proper lunch. The staff here are super friendly and bubbly!

Yummy fried squid and steak. Value for money. Ambience is good, cozy. Very family friendly. Good for dates if you want something reasonably priced.

Food presentation was amazing. I had the greenthy smoothie which was nice. My meal was the open mashed avo sandwich which I added two poached eggs to - not sure if I'll order it again. Waiting time was not long at all. Service was great, staff are super friendly and happy creating a very comfortable ambiance.

Love the design and decoration of the cafe. However it is a very noisy cafe.... If you want a friendly place and chit chat with the waitress (they are very friendly indeed), it's a place for you... However if you just want to enjoy the coffee peacefully, maybe it's a better idea to eat at outdoor area. Food are fine but not impressive, coffee is not strong enough even it is already double shots.

Such a lovely environment and incredible staff! Came here for lunch today and ordered the caramel soy latte and a mango frappe to start off with. Both really really yum 😍 Ordered the pappadelle and it was the most tasty and satisfying dishes I've had 😍 so incredibly saucy and the pasta itself was so good. I've never had pasta from a cafe tasting so damn good. Also ordered their buttermilk pancakes and it was so beautifully presented and tasted as good as it looks. Would definitely be back

This a beautiful little place in howick. Such great atmosphere! I came here for a quick brunch and ordered the mushrooms. The best creamy mushrooms I have tasted! They had so much favour and even a bit of spice. Yum! You get quite a large portion and definitely more bread than any other place from my experience. However my caramel latte was huge let down. It was so sweet that I couldn't have more than a few sips. The wait staff were lovely and I'm sure they would have taken the drink back if I asked!

Genuinely only come here for the staff and to get off the Main Street where at times it can get busy especially on a Saturday morning. The staff are always so lovely and professional, and the food is also decent. The added bonus is that they've got the work of local artists on the wall which are all for sale, nothing like giving money back into our local economy!

Good and friendly staff, but old pastry old and dry pastry :( I really like how clean the cafe is compared to others around Howick, but also noticed that some of the "chef" and cooking staff don't wear gloves when handling the food. and they usually give you coffee with a marshmallow that is exposed to the open air , and the sugar used for the coffee is always old and open in a sad old container.

We went here on a Saturday morning and the place was extremely busy but we managed to find a table. They did have a lot of tables reserved so perhaps you can book. The staff were very attentive and with a baby helped us to get a highchair and made sure we were comfortable. Coffees were brought out pronto and then we ordered. We had the French toast and potato hash benedict. The French toast was brioche (or similiar) it was a large serving with bacon and grilled banana it was also accompanied by a pour your own jar of maple syrup. It was delish. The benedict was superb. Eggs cooked to perfection with rolled pieces of salmon and a crisp hash cake with soft potato inside. I asked for the hollandaise on the side and that was good. Presentation was immaculate. Both dishes were under $20. Can't fault the place. Will definitely be back!!

So nice having a decent cafe open on Good Friday! Very busy but managed to get a seat and service was quick. My club sandwich and mums bacon pasta were both very delicious and filling! Drinks came after meal but not too long of a wait. Very pleasant staff as well.

Been sitting here over 10mins, tried to call the staff with my hand wave, no one engaged. And there were 3 young lady on the floor, I'm sure they have see me but choice to ignored. Place is okay no so busy during lunch time. Service like this very surprise me. After 15mins long Finally a staff see my hand wave, asked for menu and water got response with black face... We ordered coffee and lunch, food was pretty average... service are VERY poor. No recommend at all, especially the front line staff.

It's my first time at Howick Village Cafe.  We were greeted & seated by friendly & cheerful wait staff.  My Angus beef burger was excellent; fries were crispy.  My wife's potato hash cake was nice too.  The tiramisu cheese cake was my pick - delicious & beautiful (see photo). Coffees could have been hotter. (Food - 4/5; Service - 4.5/5; Ambience - 3/5)

A lot of people rage about the Howick Village Cafe being really good, but apart from their coffee, I wasn't too convinced. While the shop is modern and nicely presented, and service was friendly and prompt, the food that I tried wasn't that great. Their noodle salad in particular is very dry and took a lot of effort to eat. Their tiramisu looked a bit sloppy and was far too sweet. Would definitely come back for coffee, but think I'll get takeaway!

Good place for brunch. The food is well prepared, nicely presented and of course yummy! The coffee is great as is the service - this is a great little local for the Howick community. 👍

Cute wee Café in Howick. I went there with a friend for an afternoon catch up. We ordered a thick shake, ice coffee and a couple of items from the cabinet. We were greeted politely upon entering the cafe and informed that the kitchen would be closing shortly (as it was close to 3PM). Food was fresh and drinks were lovely. I'm looking forward to returning hear to enjoy some of their lovely looking meals from their menu. Overall nice atmosphere, newly styled and trendy café. I would recommend my family and friends to come here :)

My new favourite in Howick! Been here twice now and it just gets better! Partner loves the eggs bene, i've had the cajun chicken salad and the club sandwich and all were amazing! So much flavour, beautifully presented and all round perfect! Coffees good, service is warm and friendly. Can't wait to be back ❤️

Boy oh boy, best cafe in Howick without a doubt. Food is well presented and bloody delicious, decor is aesthetic and customer service is great. Only downside is that the coffee isn't the best so it's just like "eh"

Went on the weekend and it was mediocre. The staff were eager to please but their refusal to allow the use of my entertainment voucher for two of the four friends we met unless we paid foe everyone was rudely delivered and I have complained to the entertainment book as well. To review, I had a burger served with overcooked cold chips and on a sweet bread which was pretty dire. The burger itself would have been tasty without the sugary bread though. The coffee was much improved. Foe the sake of $4 discount I will never return though.

This cafe is situated in a very convenient location for a light bite to eat or a cup of tea in the awkward before and after periods of watching a movie at Monterey Cinema next door. To be frank, I am not a big fan of cafes, as they often seem to be overpriced for very basic dishes that often don't impress, so I had very little expectations besides a nice atmosphere and average food. But I'm always happy for my bias to be proven wrong, and in this case it was completely obliterated. Despite the pricing matching most cafes I've been to, the presentation of each dish was more like a chic inner-city eatery, with several extra components and the increasingly more popular embellishments of sprouts and edible flowers. Alongside its stunning looks, the flavours were delicious and reflected a lot of hard work. The hash cakes appear homemade - a recommended dish, or an alternative to English muffins with the eggs Benedict - and the poached eggs have been perfect with every dish involving them. It truly makes for a pleasant dining experience. Alongside friendly staff and an owner who's happy to stop for a chat when it's not too busy, it's possibly one of the best cafes I've been to. While I haven't sampled their cabinet foods (although I am very keen to try them), I would highly recommend the breakfast menu for a light meal, especially for those stopping by for a movie.

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