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2 years ago

Seems like there are lots of changes happening recently.Food looks and tastes much better than before, n services improved lots. Will definitely go there often!

2 years ago

Myself and family or work colleague now and then before work i recommend we come to kreem mt wellington to have breakfast as we always enjoyed the atmosphere , food and mostly the service. But 2 days ago I came with work colleague to have breakfast. At first I noticed a female with apron sitting at the table for 4 seating having some breakfast so we sat at the table next to her. To my surprised we could not enjoy our breakfast peacefully as we used to, cos this lady was talking so loud with another male companion that joined her a little bit later after we sat down. And I tried to ignore it but my daughter said she's so loud mum i said eat up than we leave. Then all of a sudden she started shouting out to the worker that was at cashier about 3 times but the girl did not look until 4 times then the girl looked and the lady asked for a coffee, then she turned to the male friend she was sitting with and made a facial because she was shouting a couple of times. Firstly this is so RUDE, why? cos it came to my understanding that she is either the owner or the manager. Why you shouting while customers are trying to enjoy their quiet breakfast plus it is just really rude.  And the last thing she did, she confronted a worker in front of customers (us). The young lady just arrived for work and she called her and asked where did you park? the young lady replied in the front. and she told her off that she is not allowed to park in the front the young lady asked so where can i park she replied find by the road. I mean really ??? This is the most disturbing visit I have come across at this branch. Hope you read this you that lady with the apron , talking so loud, shouting out your order, and telling worker off infront of customers. It may be your shop, but remember it is  the people that works for you makes your reputation. And the workers in your shop have great customer service but you don't!!!

Kreem Cafe, Otahuhu
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570 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland
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Kreem Cafe, Otahuhu