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The guy who served us was very friendly and helpful, meals came out in good time. Ordered the eggs Benedict which came with bacon, hash brown and spinach but waiter was happy to swap out spinach for tomato which is good. Hash browns were just store bought and the tomatoes just sliced and cold... would have been nice if they made the hash and did something with the tomatoes. Eggs were cooked perfect and hollandaise was good too. Apple, pear and ginger juice was nice. Would probably go back if in the area but not for a special trip.

Had a bacon Bene and a coffee here today , atmosphere was good fast service could do with a little ambient music to add to the aesthetic. Coffee was great one of the best I've had on the shore, clean tasting coffee; extracted well. Bene was good just had one over cooked poached egg , otherwise would recommend if you're around Milford

Went there last month with my friends. The food and drinks are amazing. The service is superb and friendly, very recommend if you are local or nearby.

nice food and friendly staffs ,really like the bagel tastes very toughness .as the last breakfast for the last day of my 27, it's a amazing try for the bagel .my partner have the egg bene ,the Crispy hash brown and the soft bread inside the bene .For the salmon lox,it looks very nice than others.

Was fabulous had such an amazing salad and was a really nice place to have lunch even tho me and my friend were there for 3hours having a catch up!!

I came here yesterday. It was really busy. Good thing was no surcharge on public holiday. Coffee and food were good, service was lovely. Best coffee in Milford

I guess I tried on a bad day. My first option was the bagel. "No bagels today, sorry about that!" Ok, I choose the Caveman. Dried chicken. Overcooked, seems it has been microwaved, so chewy. The steady bacon 2 slices of fat. Scrambled eggs oily. Not I being picky? For $23 dollars I expected more. The windows look disgusting..... like. It not hard to clean windows. The coffee was good.

We sat down for lunch ordering 'twice cooked pork belly burger' and 'Turkish chicken'. The pork belly was clearly not twice cooked or even braised for that matter. Chewy, undercooked and inedible. The chicken was just a burnt leg with canned chickpeas, raw red onion and capsicum. Absolutely no seasoning at all! Both being priced at over $20. Never again.

come quite often, majority of staff are attentive but some distant and not all there felt like talking to a brick wall. one of the staff members seems to always mess up my order and few of the young girls spend more time gossiping then doing their job.

My favourite cafe to come to on the weekends. I really like the design and layout, it's very unique and works well for such a busy cafe. The food is always great, with a special mention to their waffles. Presentation is also very good and Insta-worthy :p

Coffee is excellent here, though the noise can be a bit much. Had a special anniversary meal with my partner last year and had the creamy mushrooms. Very tasty. We came here again this year and the menu had changed. My partner had the creamy mushrooms but it was overpoweringly garlicky! I could smell the garlic in the car on the way home! The waffles were on point, though.

Me and my partner went there yesterday for our anniversary brunch after hearing so many good reviews from friends. It was busy at the time, and took us about 5 minutes to get a table. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food served was quick and Delish. Definitely will come back.

This place was full when I arrived this morning, took me 5mins to get a table. The waitress was friendly and helpful. I ordered portobello mushroom, food was high quality and yummy.

had the worst experience of my entire life last week at little king cafe. first of all, i found a fly in my orange juice - totally unacceptable, would have thought that anybody in their right mind would notice before serving to a customer. i also ordered the caveman and the chicken breast was PINK and the salad was unbearable. barely touched the meal and after complaining i was still expected to fully pay for the meal (with no discount). the lady who served me was ridulously rude and not understanding at all. in conclusion, the service and the food is seriously over rated. such a shame as this used to be my favourite cafe however the change in management has sent this place downhill. sort your shit out Little King!

Came to Little King today with my partner, we ordered the caveman and banana waffle. The food was amazing and service was good and quick. We will definitely come back to try the other food on the menu. Happy to see such a good cafe in Milford. Well done Little King!

came in for breakfast, was not too crowded initially. ordered the breakfast chili, which i thought was a weird choice for breakfast, and a mocha. Food turned out great, coffee was good too. great food, great coffee, great staff :-)

Such a nice and quirky atmosphere! I love how welcoming the staff are. Went there a few days ago and was quickly seated. Food was magnificent, gotta try the waffles and eggs Bene I tell ya !

Little King Cafe has always been my favourite chill out place. The deco is earthy and original; the food is amazingly presented and never disappointed me. It's a great place to hang with friends or just sit there by yourself to chillex. I would recommend Little Kind Cafe as it provides exceptionally good food in a pleasant, ambient atmosphere.

Sadly little king seems to go downhill far too often! Coffee is great but portion sizes for the prices are crazy and the food is often very bland. Tables always sticky although staff are always lovely

Second time coming here for lunch, super hungry and the portion sizes disappointed me. The decor and atmosphere is beautiful but honestly paying $17 for smashed avocado is a rip off. There's the same atmosphere and vibe to another cafe in Albany with the smash avo for $13 with bigger portion sizes. I think this cafe is overrated and overpriced. Disappointed I fell victim. I'm 5'1, I'm a small girl; if this dish didn't fill me up then there is a problem with serving portions. The taste was good but nothing special.

I went there for lunch with a friend the other day and was disgusted by their service. We ordered the pork burger and the salmon bagel and after about 15 minutes one of the waitress came and told me that they didn't have any bagels. And it was during a peak time around 12pm. So we ordered eggs benedict instead and the waitress AGAIN said they ran out of some ingredient and that it would be replaced with something else. They were so unprepared and everyone else in the cafe received each of their food as if it was a course meal. After 30 minutes we asked the waitress if our food is coming and she said it'll only take 8 minutes so we should wait. Overall we waited for 45 minutes for our food and it never came so we cancelled it and left. NEVER going back there again.

First time being here. Trim latté is superb. I like the fruity smell of the beans. Egg Benedict however, is on a par with other café - which means it's not a must have.

Amazing waffles and peanut butter smoothies!!! I order banana waffles that is really nice presentation and delicious! My partner ordered mushroom on toast and that also nice!! defintely come back

Great food - options for everyone. Had the paleo platter and the kale chips were impressive. No soggy like you'd usually expect with most places who serve them! Great coffee (even though I order decaf) would love their gf bread recipe tbh! Only downfall is it is a busy little place, and it's loud, don't expect to have a decent conversation here. Not their fault at all, good on them for being so busy, shows they're really good at what they do!

Crap service, grumpy blonde waitress served me and rudely spilt our coffee all over the table. Great waffles?? More like blue waffles they were disgusting and cold. When we complained they didn't even offer us a refund, we will not be coming back.. very disappointing.

I had lunch here yesterday and was not overly impressed. Whilist the order came exactly as I asked the hash brown which stated on the menu as homemade was most definitely not! The tea when served was luke warm and the lemon cake tasted stale. Full marks though for a lovely setting and the staff were friendly but I would not be in a hurry to return.

This is a interesting cafe that lives up to the name of 'Little king'. Incapable at management. But lots of naive people are happy to oblige and show patronage I am absolutely DONE with little Kings quick decline in service from 2015 to today where it has just sunk to the ground with tables covered in real estate flyers. I think the next door real estate agents sponsor it now because they make you spend hours waiting for food while reading how some guy is now able to sell your house. Anyways, the food is quite sour. There are some good staff who can be proud of Themsleves but management needs to take a good look in the mirror

I am so disappointed I have to leave this review but Little King sadly didn't live up to my expectations. I've been wanting to go for years as I've had several friends work there and every man and his dog seems to have visited it at some point, so perhaps my high expectations contributed to my disappointment. I had the eggs benedict with "old-style" hashbrowns and was so let down to have two triangle frozen hash browns delivered. I think it's pretty standard for high-class, expensive cafes these days to deliver something a bit flasher with their eggs benedict. There was also a hair in my dish, but it was tended to very quickly and professionally. I probably won't be back, but might have my arm twisted to try the waffles.

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