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2 days ago

We made a long overdue revisit to the Little King cafe last weekend. The place was very busy but the service was efficient and, given that they were full, the meals came out reasonably quickly. The first time that we went (shortly after they first opened) they completely forgot our order so we left very unhappy, but we can safely say that they redeemed themselves this time. We went for the portobello mushroom and home-made hash stack, and the Belgian waffles. The mushrooms were wonderful and cooked in balsamic, accompanied by poached eggs, with quinoa hash cake and salad. The waffles were served with lemon mascarpone, raspberry compote, almond praline, whipped cream, and ice cream was very good, with the citric bite of the lemon mascarpone and the tartness of the compote providing a good contrast to the sweeter elements. Overall a very good Cafe and worth a visit (or revisit).

4 days ago

I came to Little King Cafe for a brunch date after seeing it offers 1+1 food and the relatively high rating on Zomato. I ordered the scrambled eggs on ciabatta with bacon and my boyfriend got the best ugly bagels (salmon) and a cappuccino. While the service was good, the waitress didn't see our number, which resulted in my boyfriend's cappuccino being delivered late. In my opinion, the scrambled eggs were good but after finishing my meal, I noticed that the plate was extremely greasy from the scrambled eggs (I ordered bacon as well, which I did expect grease but not a lot from the eggs). Most brunch places scrambled eggs aren't very greasy so I was pretty disappointed. Otherwise, the meal was good but I would not drive all the way to The Shore and come here again.

3 weeks ago

First time coming here for a while. The food was just as good as I remember and service was very fast and great! Lovely atmosphere and amazing value with Zomato Gold

Little King Cafe, Milford
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Little King Cafe, Milford