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1 month ago

Lovely cafe, really beautiful location looking over the river. Very local and staff were very friendly. Smashed avo was delicious loved the addition of the beetroot it was a nice twist. Kumera chips were amazing, didn’t even need a dipping sauce because they were so flavourful

2 months ago

We came here for Easter and was truly disappointed by the service. Although the meal was good, the quality of the food was masked by the poor service. We asked for the menu twice but they didn’t give us the menu so we had to grab it ourselves. Once the order was made we waited around 40 minutes and when we asked where our order was the waiter only then put the order through. And then our drinks came, it was the wrong wine. The entire time, there was not a single apology despite the mistakes that the waiter made and instead he seemed to have an attitude that was unapologetic and rude. The food was good but we don’t ever want to come here again. The price is more on the high side for a lunch yet the experience was much worse than your average cafe.

2 months ago

Really busy on a Sunday lunch, service pretty slow to take our order however the food came out fast so they obviously have the staffing right in the kitchen just not out front. Menu was a bit too big in my opinion, it’s good to have choices but it was a little excessive. Ordered The Vegetarian, crumbed eggs were a novel touch. Both cooked perfectly. Was expecting avocado as per menu but didn’t come. Mentioned when we went up to pay and the girl handled the situation perfectly, explaining that they had run out, the waitress should have advised and I should have been given a substitute. She then gave a discount off my main to make up for it. Top marks for service there. Great location, very picturesque setting down by the stream.

Matakana Market Kitchen, Matakana
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2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana, Auckland
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Matakana Market Kitchen, Matakana