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4 days ago

Worst customer service!!!! After a delay in getting our coffees that were warm, it was a VERY long wait on our meals. We waited, watched people come in and get their meals before us. We also watched 4 staff standing around at the counter doing nothing. It was after waiting 45 minutes and no update from staff, we enquired where our meals were at. We were given a blank look from our waitress which we read as ‘Opps, the order was never placed to the kitchen’. She told us it would be 6 minutes and there was no offer of compensation in terms of free coffees/drinks or subsided meal/s. After waiting another 10 minutes, we walked out with staff not even stopping to not find out why. Melba, you really dropped the ball on this one which is a real shame, because it is reputation and reviews that allow your business to thrive.

5 days ago

| Baked Halloumi Salad | - One of the best salads I had. They really stepped up the salad game, salads don't always have to be the conventional spinach and rocket. The pumpkin puree and roasted beetroot gave the dish the sweetness, Halloumi with the saltiness and the highlight the bites of fried quinoa which added the crunch 10/10 .

1 week ago

Melba is such a beautiful & stylish place. Welcomed by a friendly team who were very hospitable and patient. The food was great!! ❤️ We ordered the Pork Belly and the Chicken Schnitzel and it was delish 😍 Would recommend this place to anyone!

MELBA, Manukau
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1 Ronwood Avenue, Manukau, Auckland
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MELBA, Manukau