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10 months ago

Best happy hour service and garlic bread! There’s a great selection of food on the menu which I still need to try. The staff already knows my order when I arrive. Very friendly local cafe and bistro.

1 year ago

Where do I even start? Basically I went here sometime last year with a GrabOne coupon and have decided that I will not ever return again (and I haven't since). That was not my first visit to the restaurant, I used to be a regular as I lived just a couple of minutes away from it. Food and service have always been pleasant until that day. I will start with some bullet points: - Worst customer service I've had from a café - Took a long time to get seated although the place was not busy (only 2 tables were occupied), we were pretty much standing by the entrance unattended for a good 5 minutes. - Duty manager was less than friendly, just not a very polite person at all. - We managed to figure out our order within 2 minutes but it took a long time for the waiter/manager to take our order for food/coffee or give us any water. (here is where I cannot summarize into a short bullet point) I was ordering a smoked salmon eggs bene but I was told by the duty manager that they "do not do salmon", to which I asked if they had run out for the day, he says no salmon for the coupons. I needed more time to decide what I would order instead so he walked away and whilst he was away I checked the coupon carefully again and it said "no big breakfast" only. When the duty manager returned I told him that the "rule" was not in the fine print, to which he replied saying we "just added" that rule. As you would imagine, I was not happy about that so I told him he cannot just add a rule whenever he likes, I purchased the coupon having read the fine print and they have to honour the state of the coupon when the purchase was made, not to mention this is completely against the coupon policies to just add new "rules" after purchases. As I was patiently explaining this to him, he just shook his head the whole time and tried to accuse me of "shouting", I can assure you that I definitely was not shouting but he was rather worried that other customers would hear this non sense we are arguing about. I have never had such condescending customer service in my life, he was not only unfriendly, rude, but very very condescending in the way he treated both of us, I couldn't believe it. Eventually he just says "fine" and walked off, I had to stop him to ask whether we are getting our orders or not - to which he replied "yeah" while walking off. I also told him that I did not want the coffee order I placed at the beginning of our argument anymore, he said okay but we ended up getting those and having to pay for them. When the meals were ready, he chucked the plates on our tables and left without a word. The man at the register also had no smile and did not thank us nor ask us how our meals were. I cannot believe this joke of a café/restaurant. The meal was average, salmon was a tad salty and dry and the hollandaise sauce tasted like supermarket packet ones. No reason for me to return. My regret is that I did not think of just leaving and asking GrabOne for a refund, because in a situation like this, I could definitely get a refund instead of spending another second in the restaurant with the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

1 year ago

Had lunch here today. The food - good. Good value for the amount and quality of food. The service - great. The girl was very attentive and professional, despite her young age. She saw that I was pregnant and advised about food I may not be able to have. I wanted to make some changes to the salad and she was very good about it and got onto it immediately. My friend was late, and the food I ordered for her was cooked before she arrived. The waitress came to me proactively and suggested that she brings the food when my friend arrives. Id definitely come back again :-)

Nuffield St Cafe, Bar and Bistro, Newmarket
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11A Nuffield Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1050
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Nuffield St Cafe, Bar and Bistro, Newmarket