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1 week ago

Ozone is set in the recently developed, semi-industrail back blocks of Grey Lynn, hunkered down in the Westmoreland Road neighbourhood of business cool kids. Birthed out of their original 1998 New Plymouth cafe and roastery, the Auckland flagship is an impressive and surprising space, combining a full roastery, an open bar and kitchen along with varied and generous seating spaces. There’s the oooh and ahhh magic of the fit-out itself which feels a bit like Prefab in Wellington crossed with hipster vibes of a trendy Melbourne bar - New Plymouth has moved up to Auckland and is wiping the floor with us. But the menu… oh the menu! Looking past the layout and typography of the menu itself (designers can be such a finicky bunch), the selection was difficult due to too many tantalising options. Our meals were each epically crafted, beautifully plated and thoroughly grammable. From the carefully chosen ingredients, flavours and textures of each dish to the mindful selection of ethically-sourced coffee beans through to sustainable waste management, it seems thoughtfulness, care and positivity exude from the very pores of this place. Staff are helpful, prompt, engaging and seem genuinely happy to be there... and it makes perfect sense why they would. We fell in love too. And will be starry-eyed for a long time yet. Check out our individual food reviews here:

1 week ago

This coffee shop in Grey Lynn has quickly become one of my new favs. Located in a random industrial neighbourhood, Ozone really is a hidden gem. The interior is super cool, very spacious and industrial chic, the staff are all super lovely, and the on-site coffee roasting means the coffee here is great. After coming here a few times for coffee I decided it was time to branch out and try the food as the menu looked fab. I ordered Velda’s 3-Cheese Italian Pancake which certainly was unlike any pancake I’d had before. It looked more like a quiche than a pancake, served as a thick wedge of crisp, cakey, cheesy goodness, topped with wilted silverbeet, a poached egg, creme fraiche and a peach chutney. Although the chutney caught me off guard with an almost Indian flavour, it somehow worked and every element on the plate came together very nicely. 8.5/10 Also tried the gluten-free blueberry pancake, which was a little more of traditional pancake number. Although instead of being served in a stack, it came out as one massive pancake the size of a whole plate. The pancake was SO thick and the texture was SO fluffy. It was topped with a very generous amount of blueberries, shortbread crumb and creamy labneh, providing an ideal balance of freshness, crunch and creaminess. Altogether very tasty 8/10 Will definitely be back to try more of the menu and will continue to make this place a regular!

1 month ago

Ambience - 4.5/5 Contemporary, Modern, Lively. Although parking is a tough one, understandable due to its location Service - 3.5/5 Very friendly staff. Asked for booth and was told all of them were reserved but 1 of the booth was given to a walk in group Food - 4.5/5 Ordered the following. 1. Veggie breaky: Delicious and fresh 2. Smoked Cheddar fry bread with avacado poached eggs fermented chilli yogurt and shoots: This is the best of all. It wasnt just a gourmet dish, it was an experience, the first bite makes you feel as if you were living an "off the grid" life. Chewing on the next green, fresh and nutritious plant that you can find in a densed jungle. It reminded me how our primates lived eating 'close to nature' food. Loved it! 3.Braised Wagyu Mince: Not bad at all, the pickle sauce was phenomenal and lots going on in the mouth with full of flavours Most of all, their coffee experience was delicious. Definitely try their oatmeal drink with Raspberry Organic Coffee. This is my personal favourite

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Grey Lynn
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Ozone Coffee Roasters, Grey Lynn