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1 year ago

Well decorated dish and has a good taste just as it looks. Good dessert. Two people can share with. Sugar coating is very thick and crunchy.

1 year ago

Paper moon is a good local restaurant not amazing but is delish and always delivers. Have been here multiple times and I always get the chicken salad, its my favourite. But we came here for breakfast the other day so I decided to get the acai bowl. The actual 'acai' part was frozen in a ball so I was a little confused on how to eat it so I had to sit and let it melt a while which is slightly inconvenient but once it had melted it was pretty good. Mum got the avo on toast and she said it was really good and was really creative. Their presentation is usually pretty on point but my brothers pancakes didn't look very appealing although he said they tasted good. Recommend if you are in the area but not somewhere you would plan to go to.

Paper Moon Cafe & Bar, Mairangi Bay
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437 Beach Road, Mairangi Bay, Auckland
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Paper Moon Cafe & Bar, Mairangi Bay