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2 years ago

Get bored of smashed avocado? Then what about smashed 🎃 @eatatrosebank ~ It served with generous amount of smashed pumpkin, which was creamy and sweet~ yum!

2 years ago

I was quite impressed with the creativity of the Rosebank bene! Yes, the bacon was slightly on the chewy side and the little amount of hollandaise seemed like melted butter but honestly, all the flavours expected from a bene were present, visuals of the dish was on point and the service was lovely. So overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely come again. Another thing I'd like to add is not to do with the establishment but more towards the person before me, leaving a 1 star review - totally not called for. Although I slighlty agree on the bacon part, its a bit ridiculous to expect massive dome-shaped crispy potato skins to come 'fried' and not deep fried. Seems like they only created a profile just to leave that one review, no pics to back their claim up either...

Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen, Avondale
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1/2 Jomac Place, Avondale, Auckland
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Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen, Avondale