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3 years ago

The hash cakes on both the stripe breakfast and the eggs benedict were amazing; nice and crispy Everything was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. Also one of the smoothest iced coffees I have had in a long time

4 years ago

Their beef burger was well seasoned, extremely juicy and bun-meat ratio was superb! Definitely a must order. We had waffles as well, had an Asian twist to it (bubble waffles), loved the the combination of mango, blueberries and apples, though serving size could be improved. :) Friendly and approachable staff :)

4 years ago

Came here for late lunch with the family. The kids pasta was disgusting.. I tried it. It honestly had no taste. My daughter did try to eat it. We also had a chocolate cake, that was horrible. I had salad.. That was nice. My a partner had the burger and fries, he said it was good. Scones had no flavour as well. So some things are nice, but some things I know to avoid, if we go again?

Stripe Cafe, Titirangi
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521 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland
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Stripe Cafe, Titirangi