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3 years ago

It is delicious and the environment is comfortable. I like ANTIPASTO the most.It is very Swiss and the cakes are delicious too.Is it so curious Why is the score of the rating only 3.3?

3 years ago

An inviting place from the outside, can’t say the same for the food. Decent coffee, decent baked goods and decent service. I’d probably just go in to pick up some Swiss goodies in the future, not to dine in.

4 years ago

Can’t resist that Swiss! I was quite excited when I went here for the first time, but unfortunately we were on a rush so we just had takeaways. I grabbed a hazelnut hat as it looked tempting and I’m glad it was yummy 😋. I love the pastry part of it. The place was packed when we came, and it was around lunch time. Even if we decided to stay, we can’t really have a table for ourselves. I just can’t wait to go back and enjoy their scrumptious meals. Table for two please!

Swiss Cafe & Bakery, Milford
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5 Milford Road, Milford, Auckland
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Swiss Cafe & Bakery, Milford