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1 week ago

It doesn’t tastes as good as it looks. The pancakes are ok. Wish the dish is bigger. My partner hates the chicken burger because he thinks is too dry. I did not mind and I actually enjoyed the chicken burger. However, the price is quite steep considering you pay $6 for 5 pieces of mushrooms :/ it’s good in general but it is so far not really worth the trip

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Woolfy know how to make an attractive looking Canute! The doughnuts will made you drool! The cabinet on its own has a great selection (savoury and especially sweet). We ordered the eggs bene and the fried chicken and corn fritters. The bene was very nice and the homemade spinach loaf was pretty good! The fried chicken was delicious! And paired with the sauce - yummm. I found the fritters a little dry which let down the dish. Coffee was on point but the service was a little slow - which was understandable considering peak time and the crowds. Definitely one cafe for the gram!

Woolfy's, East Tamaki
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3 Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland
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Woolfy's, East Tamaki